Bunking on the Bumboat

Crew Change in Tobermory

The Bumboat frequently has overnight guests for short and extended voyages. If you have been invited to spend the night on the Bumboat, the following recommendations are intended to make your experience more enjoyable.

1) You need to arrive at the Bumboat carrying only ONE SOFT SIDED BAG.  This bag should contain all of the items you will need on the voyage.  It will also serve as a container for all of your personal items aboard.  The captain runs a tight ship.  Loose items at sea are dangerous.

2) The Bumboat does not have the services of a five star hotel; no sheet changes while you sun on deck or chocolate on your pillow.  You are responsible to bring your own bedding:

+A blanket which doesn't shed
+ At least one flat sheet to be placed between your smelly body and and the clean bunk cushions of the Bumboat
+Pillow, if you need these creature comforts
+Alternatively, you may elect to bring a sleeping bag. Sleeping bags provide more isolation for crew whom are uncomfortable with the close proximity of other crew members.

3) The Bumboat has a washer and dryer... but, it isn't for the crew.  Bring enough clothes for the duration of your voyage....but, girls.... don't over-pack.  Laundromats can be found in some ports.  However, other recreational activities can be more rewarding.

4) Recommended clothing includes shorts, jeans, T shirts, and sweat shirts.  You may want to bring one collared shirt just in case a yacht club has higher dress standards.  Be prepared for the temperature extremes we may encounter.  Don't forget socks and underwear.

5) Invest in a quality piece of foul weather gear with hood. You will appreciate this if we need to spend excessive time in nasty conditions. Remember, we can't hide from the weather. A three hour squall 30 miles from shore can chill you to the bones.

6) All your personal toiletries should fit in a small hand held bag. We will use onshore showers and shitters as much as possible.  A large crew can rapidly deplete on-board water and fill up holding tanks.

7)  You need to bring your own towels.  Wet towels are NEVER hung on deck to dry.  It makes the Bumboat look like cheap trailer trash.  The cabins have sufficient hooks for towel and garment drying.

8) The Bumboat has satellite TV for entertainment and keeping track of world news.  Bring reading material and be prepared to converse.

9) Don't forget any personal medication.  The Bumboat has a good first aid kit and some limited over the counter medications.

10) If in doubt, consider bringing motion sickness medication.  Some of the recent technology wrist bands appear to work well.

11) Bring the electronic gadgets you can't live without; phones, music players, games, cameras, etc.  Don't forget batteries.  Be aware that cell phone coverage can be very unreliable or non-existent.

12) Bring sunscreen and bug spray compatible with your body.

13) Real boat shoes are required for anything beyond a day sail.

14) If Canada is part of our itinerary, you must have proper identification.  Make sure you have a drivers license, passport, and a copy of your birth certificate.

15) The Bumboat is fully provisioned with food and beverages at the onset of the voyage. You can bring food and munchies which you have a particular affection or can't live without. However, you may need to store them in your cabin.  Resupply items will be communicated to the arriving crew.

16) Great hiking, climbing, biking, and kayaking opportunities exist in many ports. You may want to bring some footwear suitable for light hiking.

17) Some crew members have been known to snore like a chainsaw, reducing crew harmony.  If you bunk with a violator of night time silence, earplugs may be appropriate.

18) Your assigned cabin is where your "stuff" is stowed.  Do not leave your "stuff" laying around common areas (salon, helm, cockpit, and galley) of the boat, including electronic devices (you can charge devices in your cabin).

19) The Captain isn't responsible for your entertainment.  If you wish to explore the current port, do it.  Don't sit around the boat waiting to be served by Bumboat staff.  

20) The Captain's routine includes attending to ship's matters and solo sunrise photographic expeditions.  He also believes in physical fitness, so hikes, runs, bike rides, and kayaking tends to be strenuous and extended rather than recreational.

21) When you disembark the Bumboat to return home take EVERYTHING you brought.  The departing crew is responsible for cleaning their cabin and head for the arriving crew.

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