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Contact and Directions

The Bumboat is docked at the Vermilion Yacht Club in Vermilion, Ohio.  Vermilion is located approximately 30 miles due west of downtown Cleveland.  For directions to the Bumboat, place the following address in Google Maps:

Vermilion Yacht Club
5440 Anchorage Way
Vermilion, Ohio 44089

Alternatively, you can enter these GPS coordinates for the exact location:

41°25'31.0"N, 82°21'40.4"W

If you successfully arrived at Anchorage Drive, proceed over the bridge and you will find the Bumboat immediately on your left.  The Bumboat is docked in the most easterly dock (Dock 19E farthest from the clubhouse).

Please car pool to minimize vehicles at the club.  Upon your arrival at the boat:
-Park your vehicles in the spaces in front of the docks.  
-On weekdays sufficient parking should be available.
-Please be quiet, many members may be on their boats
-If required, the restrooms are inside the clubhouse
-Adult beverages are only permitted on the boat, they are not permitted on club grounds  

If you are running late, please contact the Captain or another crew member and keep us informed of your ETA.

The Captain can also be reached at  

Bumboat at Cedar Point

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