Crew Rules

All crew need to be properly prepared for the cruise.  The boat rules have been developed over the years and are appended as required.  They are intended to protect the crew, captain, and assets of the captain from any idiots aboard.  The rules will be strictly enforced by the Captain:

1) Be at the boat on time.  This doesn't mean an hour early.... the Captain has many tasks to perform before the cruise, which doesn't include entertaining guests.  If you are late and the boat is gone.... oh well.

2) Go to the bathroom at the clubhouse or any other shore based facilities before boarding the Bumboat.  The Captain would like to minimize the use of the head.   Learn how the head works.  If you screw up and leave a valve in the wrong position you could flood the boat.

3) Don't step in the gull poop or dog shit on the walk between your car and the boat.  Remember, if you track it on the boat you will get to sit in it, too.

4) Wear real boat/deck shoes or white soled tennis shoes on the boat.  Black soles leave marks that are almost impossible to scrub out. Go ahead and buy the deck shoes, there're actually pretty comfortable and trendy.  Besides, you might even be invited back for another voyage.

5) Wear clothing in layers.   A foul weather jacket, sweater, long pants, and hat should be considered for those not able to withstand the elements.  Nothing comes on the boat in anything other than one soft sided carry on bag.  If you have a bag, the Captain will tell you where to stow it.

6) Don't bring any coolers. They are hard and difficult to secure while underway. The Bumboat has sufficient resources to keep beverages cold.

7) Make sure to put sunscreen on your ears, forehead, neck, and the backs of your hands. These are prime skin cancer sites.   One of the best sunscreens is Coppertone Sport Ultra Sweatproof.   It doesn't make your hands greasy and doesn't run in your eyes when you perspire.

8) Learn where all the safety gear is and how to use it (life jackets, inflatable life jackets, VHF radio, man overboard gear, fire extinguishers, flares, etc.).  The Captain always conducts a pre-voyage safety session.  Pay attention.

9) Talking about work and projects is acceptable. But, let's not get to too carried away.

10) It's OK to make a mistake once. It's not OK to keep making mistakes.

11) Don't walk on hatch covers or windows.

12) Under certain conditions, leaving and entering the dock can be very challenging to the Captain and crew.  Please listen carefully to the Captain's instructions, mistakes can be costly.  A 40,000 lb boat has lots of momentum, so using your limbs to abruptly stop the boat could be very painful.

13)  You are boarding a Bumboat..... and it is typically well provisioned with the finest food and drink.  No need to bring anything.

14) However, large crews may need to bring supplemental provisions.  If asked by the Captain, please bring a snack and beverage of your choice for the day.  Bring enough to share with the Captain and crew.  All leftovers become the exclusive property of the Bumboat and future guests.  The following items are considered banned from the boat and WILL BE left at the dock:

      Rolling Rock Beer
      Red Dog Beer
      Pabst Blue Ribbon (or any color ribbon)
      Iron City
      Beer Peanuts in shells
      Cheese curls or cheese popcorn
      Glass bottles (broken glass in the cockpit during rough conditions is painful)

15)  If Engineering co-ops can't afford good beer, don't bring any.  Drinking the Captain's premium beverages and leaving your cheap suds is unacceptable.

16) If your beverages are warm, stop by the ice machine at the yacht club and purchase two bags of ice.

17) If you have any history of motion sickness; take some Dramamine before we leave.  Also, it would be wise to drive separately (so you may leave after you are put ashore). The pleasure of the cruise will not be spoiled by a weak stomach.

18) Don't eat a 12 inch sub within 30 minutes of leaving the dock.  In rough seas, it may exit over the leeward rail inch by inch.

19) A boat is full of specialty latches and fasteners designed to keep stuff from flying about the boat in rough conditions.  If you are having trouble operating a latch, drawer, valve, knob, etc.... please DO NOT FORCE the device because it may break.  Just ask the Captain for proper instructions.

20) Phones don't float and they bounce nicely off the deck and into the water.

21) If you have the opportunity to assist with line handling during docking.... NEVER THROW THE LINE to a person on the dock.  Instead, hand it to them.  The Captain is quite capable of bringing the vessel alongside the dock without the need for throwing.  Most inexperienced crew throw the rope wrong, resulting with the bitter end in the water and becoming a hazard to the propellers.

22) When you disembark the ship to return home, take EVERYTHING you brought.  Don't assume the captain would like something you don't feel like lugging back home.

23) Not reading the rules is not an excuse for breaking the rules.  Many crew have slept under newspaper without a proper pillow because of rule ignorance.  If you are invited to spend a night on the Bumboat, read the Crew Bunking rules page.

Bumboat at Rogers City

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