Safety is the first priority of the Captain.  We will not let time schedule, weather, seas, or crew conduct overrule basic safety.  Make sure your family and friends understand that.  The boat is much tougher than the captain and crew.

The Bumboat has Coast Guard approved safety gear aboard for up to 14 passengers.  At the beginning of the voyage the Captain will familiarize all crew with the safety equipment and procedures.  The items discussed include:

1) Location of inflatable and standard life jackets.  Operation of inflatable life jackets will be discussed.

2) Life ring for a person overboard

3) Throw-able floating lifeline for person overboard retrieval

4) Operation of VHF radio for emergency communications.  The Bumboat has a one button distress beacon which transmits our location and vessel identification.

5) Location of fire extinguishers and fire emergency procedures

6) Location of signal flares and abandon ship ditch bag

The Captain is capable of operating both power and sail vessels with minimal crew assistance.  Crew assistance is most beneficial when leaving or arriving the dock.  Before we get underway the Captain will assign crew members line assignments for departure and arrival.  Crew members will be assigned positions on the deck for arrival, departure, and line handling basics will be explained.  Crew members not assigned to a deck position should relax and remain seated during docking. 

Bumboat in Erie, Pa

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